Here’s a #decadechallenge You Didn’t See Coming

I have an idea, friends.

The #decadechallenge is fun I won’t lie. It’s fun to see how much you’ve changed in 10 years – I love a good before and after photo.

But I want to take it a step further because why not?

So instead of just gazing at our #glowups maybe we can use it as a moment of gratitude or heck even a chance for some good ole self-awareness. Try this out with me will ya? Here goes:

That picture on the left, 10 years ago, you’d probably never guess but I was in the midst of an eating disorder. A disorder that I felt enslaved by for a good 3 years, and after that just brought even more body image issues and feelings of self-hate for years to come. I won’t go too far into this because I want to get my point across for you.

Today, a decade later, I am an advocate for good health & wellbeing – it’s my job and I love it. Call me crazy but I think we can learn a lot from our pain. I’d even go as far as saying that the pain you’re enduring today is preparing you for the strength you’ll need tomorrow, or next year, or a decade from now.

In the midst of my disordered eating, body dysmorphia, self-hate, and completely miserable days of existence that I struggled so hard to get out of…I didn’t know it but it took a lot of brokenness to be able to get built up to who I am today.

You guys, my job today is to literally help people through the pains that I suffered through 10 years ago. Coincidence? I think not.

If you are currently struggling, currently in pain, currently feeling broken & burnt out – it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling but my message to you is please don’t do it in vain. We are all hurting in some way, its part of the human experience to feel pain.

What I challenge you to do is to use it to your advantage. You don’t have to justify your pain & you don’t have to understand it. But do use it for good. You may not be able to see the good and the usefulness now, in the midst of your pain but one day you’ll see it clear.

Because one day, you’ll see someone struggling, just like you did with that SAME dreadful pain you experienced and you’ll know – “this is it, this is my time.”

So put your ego aside. Put your status aside. Put everything aside and just BE. Be that good for someone else. Because you know better than anyone what it feels like to experience that specific pain.

We all have mountains and they all seem unbearable to move sometimes.

But what if, what if we were assigned these mountains to show others it can be moved?

What if we used our pain to serve and spread more love and meaning to others? What if we were meant to use that pain to be a light for the ones struggling now?

That’s what I mean. That’s what I mean when I say don’t do it in vain. Move forward from it to learn & grow or heck, even to make someone else’s life better and more meaningful.

Sometimes, it’s not just about you. Ouch, right?

I firmly believe that we were made for one another, we belong to one other.

This is us. This is our experience as humans. So do the good. Be the good. Despite the pain you’ve endured. We are all leaving this world at some point, we may as well make the best of our pain and struggles to spread more love and meaning to this life.

And in another 10 years I hope to say the same thing about my current photo on the right and even MORE.

Keep growing. Keep giving. Keep serving. Keep fricken LOVING y’all.

Because before you know it another decade will go by. And I want to look back and say “HELL YA I did good.”

What do you want to look back and say in 10 years?

THAT is a decade challenge to strive for.


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