To the Moms Who Think They Can’t

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t do that, I’m a mom.” Then listen up real close because I’m about to get real with you, real fast.

You know that phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

Yeah, that’s what motherhood is. It makes you strong AF.

No, I’m not being dramatic. Moms are a special kind of specie. Hear me out.

Since becoming a mom I have never felt more powerful and capable as a woman.

I don’t know if its from the 24 hours of labor I endured only to get cut open,
that I have three toddlers and it feels like everything else is easy compared to them,
or just the mere fact that being a mom has taken me through so many life experiences that I’m just a stronger person now.

Whatever the reason, I know that because I’m a mom, I can do anything. And so can you.

Women are like the coolest beings on the planet. (Sorry, guys). We are capable of going through so much. Way more than what we give ourselves credit for.

We make humans for goodness sake. We run companies, serve our country, we save lives, we do it all. We have our babies and pick right back up as if nothing happened.

No big deal. We’re moms.

We go through hours and hours of labor with no food, no rest. We even get cut open and stitched back up, moments later getting handed a baby and acting like you didn’t just almost die from the trauma.

No big deal. We’re moms.

We handle almost everything. We keep our children alive. We’re their personal chef, the house maid, the chauffeur, the storyteller, the personal shopper, the nurse, the referee…you name it, we are it.

But it’s no big deal, we’re moms.

Are you doubting your capabilities? C’mon now, you’re a mom.

You wanna run a marathon?
You want to go back to school?
You want to get a job? Quit a job?
You want to start a business?
You want to take up powerlifting?

No big deal. You’re a mom.

Every day we are proving that all these things are possible. Just take a look around. Did you forget? You were handed a certificate in the hospital that says:

“Certificate of Achievement. Congratulations, you’re a mother. You can do anything now.”

Did you get yours? I laminated mine and hung it up. Reminds me of the badass human being I really am.

Speaking of badass moms, you know who the real MVP’s are? Single Moms. (and yes, dads too). They do it all on their own. I’m not a single mom, yet I’m over here struggling like I am. And that’s okay too.

We’re all struggling in some way.

But one thing I don’t want you to struggle with is your worth. It’s not worth it, mom.

If you’re gonna struggle with something let it be the dishes. Or the laundry. I bet all of us are buried up to our necks in that shit.

But don’t let it be you. Don’t fail to see how valuable you really are. How strong and capable you really are.

Moms are out there everyday questioning their potential, their worth, and even their life.

And we give ourselves so many reasons to doubt ourselves too. And I get it.

  • So you’re still in your pj’s at 3pm and so are the kids? Who cares.
  • So all you fed them was goldfish and nuggets all day? Cool.
  • You didn’t get to the dishes or laundry because you played with your kids today? That’s okay.
  • You didn’t play with your kids at all because of the dishes & laundry? That’s okay too.

Those things don’t tell you how good of a mom you are and they certainly don’t define your self-worth.

This isn’t a game of “Who has it all together vs. Who doesn’t.”
It’s not a test of how Pinterest-worthy your life is.
It’s not a challenge of whether you can admit to 100% sanity by the end of the day.

It’s motherhood. And it’s real.

When you look at your children in the face, when you look at what you’ve created and endured, how could you think for a second that you aren’t capable of doing more? I mean, making a child is one of toughest things we do. Correction–raising a child is one of the toughest things we do.

And we’re still here. We may not be okay all the time, but we’re surviving. We’re doing this.

But it’s no big deal, we’re moms.

They say not all heroes wear capes. In fact we wear spit up, dry shampoo, leggings and a top knot bun. They don’t even see us comin’.

We have the toughest, most beautiful & important job in the world. We do it everyday without missing a beat.

And you’re gonna tell me, “I can’t do XYZ, I’m a mom.”

Correction — You CAN do XYZ because you are a mom.

Because you are a mom, you can do anything.

That’s your superpower. And you gotta start realizing that.

My husband always used to say to me, “Stop saying you can’t. You’re putting a limit on yourself before you even try.”

Now I’m here to tell you the same thing – you’re a mom, the limit does not exist.

So go and do that thing.

Go and do it for yourself. Better yet, do it for your kids.

Just know this: they don’t need a mom who does it all or even has it all.

They need a mom who just does it. Because she wanted to do. Because she needed to.

Because she’s showing her kids that your title doesn’t dictate nor limit you.

You can be a mom and also do whatever the hell you want to do. And you can rock at both….because you’re mom. And you can do anything.