Shorewood-Plainfield Moms? Your Play Dates Just Got Better

Confession: Play dates were NOT my jam until I found this place.

Play dates just gave me social anxiety because it meant I had to take all three of my very young children outside the house and who knows what was going to happen.

For me, this meant that my introverted self had to meet up with another mom and make small talk while my kids destroyed her house and fought with her kids.

Okay, not every play date is like that but the ones I imagined sure are when it comes to taking my little minions out somewhere.

A Little Room to Play

Very recently a friend shared on Facebook about this play room called “A Little Room to Play” and she invited me to go with her when it opened.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t thrilled because as I just shared with you, play dates weren’t really my activity of choice.

It was the perfect time because I was dealing with the ever-present “stay-at-home mom depression” and I needed a reason to get myself out of the house a couple times a week.

Moms, this place is so stinking cute. My kids love it and more importantly – I love it.

Here’s why:

  • It’s the size of a coffee shop. Meaning: you always have eyes on your kids! #noneedtopanic
  • Speaking of coffee, there’s a coffee bar with free refills for members
  • It’s owned by a local mom, Rachel Ellis, and I’m always up for supporting local moms
  • She offers Yoga classes upstairs while she watches the kids in the playroom directly downstairs for you – how awesome is she?!
  • My kids feel at home when we are there. My 4-year-old calls Rachel by her name and asks to play with her and to help her on the monkey bars. (And Rachel always helps so I can sit down and drink my coffee peacefully!)
  • Rachel (and other workers) are constantly cleaning up and keeping the toys organized so you can sit down on the couch and chat or play with your kiddos without having to clean up the Legos they dumped out, for the third time. (I still tidy up of course)
  • Although its nice and small, there is a good variety of things to play with in there including a mini jungle gym, coloring area, reading area, play kitchen, push toys, games, blocks, puzzles, and even an area for infants with baby toys.
  • It’s fun for all of your youngins. I would say a good age range for this place is infant to about 6 years old.
  • The room has free Wi-Fi and plenty of room to sit and get comfortable
  • I can make this list longer, but you can go and see for yourself!

Overall, I feel so at home when I’m there and it’s a nice little escape to bring the kids for 2 hours so they can get out of the house, play with other kids and more importantly NOT trash my house. Am I right?!

Check out A Little Room To Play website for daily pass rates, membership pricing and events or click here for the Facebook page!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Will you check out this cute little place? Let me know & we can arrange a play date!

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